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Geoffrey F. Eaton

Born and raised in the midwestern US, I have a strong work ethic. My father was technical in nature and received awards from NASA for his contributions to space shuttle technology. My mother received accolades for her marketing and public relations skills while employed for one of the world’s largest fast food chains. Together, they instilled in me analytical skills, the importance of doing the job right..the first time..paying attention to detail, and also, the importance of pleasing the customer..communicating effectively and appropriately,…treating others with the same respect I desired to be treated to dress and act professionally and be a positive influence to others…and to NEVER bite the hand that feeds you…

These ideals, when practiced and actually “acted upon”, brought positive results and considerable success to me, both personally and professionally. I spent 25 years of my life in information technology…starting as a voice/data network technician and working up to being a network management consultant for Fortune 100 Corporations..implementing network management systems for clients as varied as major film studios to railroads to the department of defense..and worked one on one with CEOs,CIOs, and CFOs. I was paid to tell them what they “needed” to hear..not necessarily what they “wanted” to hear. I place a very high value on the truth, honesty, and integrity (all variations of the same). I try to view problems and difficulties as opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Music means just about everything to me, and I, along with countless others cannot imagine life without it. I will never forget watching The Beatles perform at Shea Stadium and on The Ed Sullivan Show when I was 5 years old. As a child, I spent hours just listening to records. When I was 12, I was the lead singer in my first band, doing covers by Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Humble Pie, Mott The Hoople and other classic rock artists. When I was a senior in high school (1977) I listened to the record that changed my life…a band from my home town called Cheap Trick. They were a combination of all the bands I loved and yet had their own unique sound (future rock attention to that last remark..because those 2 characteristics are just a couple characteristics that will make you stand out from the thousands of other artists that are your competition)!! Cheap Trick is the band that, changed my life, greatly impassioned my love for music more than any other artist, and ignited the direction of my career.

After graduation from college, I worked in my chosen technology field for about a year, then decided I didn’t want to be old and grey before trying to become a successful music artist. I quit my day job and formed a band. Within 2 years, we were opening for national acts, and were also written about in Billboard Magazine. We gained serious attention from several major labels in the mid-80’s and [unfortunately] broke up, because band members were unwilling to leave their day jobs and girlfriends and move to New York /LA for development deals… You’ve heard it all many times before…and I, like many others…got a “real job”, got married, raised children,etc… After 25 years, the technology sector crashed around the time of 9-1-1 and many technical jobs were sent to places like India. A few years later, several years older and wiser, I
returned to my love for music. Many close friends…successful recording artists, producers, record label executives, television producers, etc…, citing my knowledge of the music business, my artist development skills, studio experience, etc, encouraged me to use my experience and strength to develop and promote new artists.. So that…friends, family, and future industry stars…is how Respectable Artists Management & Publishing came into being!

Over the years, I have personally spent a considerable amount of time as a musician/singer/songwriter and logged time with multi-platinum artists in state-of-the-art recording studios with world-renowned producers and engineers. And, although technology and marketing strategies have changed over the years…the characteristics and skills that make an artist stand out in the crowd…have not. Various pages within our website explain services offered and their respective fees… I am sincerely looking forward to working with each of you and developing your talent…and helping you become everything you aspire to be…in this wonderful, changing, and evolving world of music…

Geoffrey F. Eaton President
Respectable Artist Management & Publishing, Incorporated
Independent Label A&R, Artist Development, Media Relations, Film/TV Placement