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I will NEVER forget the day I was introduced to the music of M.ILL.ION! It was in the early spring of 2012, and one of Respectable Artist’s A&R reps in the UK sent me their EPK. I opened it up and was greeted by professional photos of a band performing live in front of what appeared to be a festival sized audience, along with artwork for seven albums that drew me in and aroused my curiosity. I remember looking at a sample track listing and noticed tens of thousands of plays. I selected a track called “Rock ‘N’ Roll Nation” and I was rewarded with a powerful rock anthem, with not only great powerful guitars and a powerful and clear lead vocal, but I also heard that amazing Hammond B-3 organ and my mind invoked pictures of Jon Lord of Deep Purple! Then before I new it the anthemic chorus hit with amazing, powerful backup harmonies. I moved on in the playlist to tracks like “Thrill Of The Chase”, “Menace To Society”, “Everyday Hero”, and “Tomorrow Never Dies” and, much to my delight, I heard lyrics I could relate to...that spoke to my heart and my life, and everybody else’s... Not the usual meaningless time filling lyrics I have so often heard on the radio.

This band has lived life...with it’s ups and’s victories and defeats... They are just like us...not some lofty Rock gods looking to be worshipped from the back row...[although they obviously have the talent and skill to hold their own musically against any artist in any genre]. they have created amazing studio tracks, but how about the acid test...the LIVE performance? I then viewed LIVE performances in Japan, Germany, and their home country of Sweden and felt like I was there at the show. This band has their act together and the thousands of festival attendees cheering and singing along to their songs...demonstrated M.ILL.ION easily passed that test! OK...I am impressed, but what are the media saying about their recordings and live shows? [to find out, just read the quotes on their press tab on our website]

Before I knew it, I was on Skype meeting with band member BJ Laneby and was surprised to hear M.ILL.ION have yet had the opportunity to perform in the US...[although being festival regulars throughout Japan,Europe, and Scandinavia]. Respectable Artists Management & Publishing,Inc are excited, proud, and honored to welcome M.ILL.ION to their management roster and are looking to release and promote their entire recorded catalogue in the US and have them touring here as soon as possible. They will reach a milestone in 2014 celebrating 25 years of performing and recording since their inception.

M.ILL.ION are also well RESPECTED by ALL of their peers...a feat not easy to earn. MAGNUM frontman Bob Catley has said "“M.ILL.ION is the best band that ever have opened for us!” This band is professional in every sense of the word...a true example of a band that ROCKS, both on stage and off!

Geoff Eaton
President, Respectable Artists Management & Publishing,Inc


M.ILL.ION formed back in 1989 by the bassplayer and songwriter B.J ”Berra” Laneby. Since then lots of things have happened including lineup changes. Have in mind though, that the core of the band, B.J and lead vocalist Ulrich Carlsson have been together since 1999. A longer time than most bands could just dream of. The current line up with guitarist Andreas Grövle, keyboardist Angelo Modafferi and drummer Johan Häll is a really strong one.

Their latest album ”Sane & Insanity” (Europe/Japan 2011) went straight to the No.1 spot on the U.S Import Label NEH and reached the “album of the Year” list at the world`s most important site for hardrock, In Japan they have a really strong following ever since their debut album charted there in the 90´s.

M.ILL.ION has toured in Europe as headliners as well as sharing international stages with legends like Nazareth, Michael Schenker Group, TNT, Magnum, Pretty Maids, the original members of Saxon and Tony Martin of Black Sabbath among others. Some of the festivals they have performed at include the major Sweden Rock Festival (attendance record+ named “best band of the festival” by UK Magazine Powerplay), Firefest (England), Rock Over Munich (Germany), Hard Rock Hell (Spain) and Stockholm Rock Out. When this bio was updated, July 2013, M.ILL.ION performed at the Skogsröjet in Sweden July 26/27, where the band performed on the main stage joining the headliners Twisted Sister and Helloween.

M.ILL.ION´s music has been described in the press as ” the perfect mix of classic rock, melodic metal and rock´n roll” and as a band often placed in the same category as acts like Whitesnake, Rainbow and Gotthard. Their stageshows have made European audiences go crazy. We´re talking energy, melodies and influences from the best parts of the 70´s and 80`s comfortably placed in the 21st century.

M.ILL.ION will play a limited amount of shows during the remaining of 2013, performing material spanning their entire career and who knows…perhaps some of the shows will be recorded for possible DVD release? 2014 looks like a hectic year, but for now we quote the frontman of Magnum, Bob Catley: “M.ILL.ION is the best band that ever have opened for us!”

So, what are you waiting for? Throw away that negative attitude, put your hands in the air and "raise your glasses" for a toast to M.ILL.ION! Together we are part of the Rock´n Roll Nation!