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ClassX were introduced to Respectable Artists by well respected Canadian luthier Phil Culleton [Phil has built custom guitars for many legendary artists], who is based in the band's home town of Windsor, Ontario. At that time, Phil informed Respectable that ClassX were currently finalists in a Canadian national contest for major record label EMI, that had run over 6 months, involving hundreds of artists from all across Canada. Upon researching the band I was instantly impressed with both the quality and diversity of their recordings... There were strong,hook-filled, alternative/pop/dance songs AND "in your face" rock songs that stay with you...they're so good! After meeting the band, Respectable Artists soon signed ClassX to an exclusive music licensing agreement and we are releasing their first new single "Something To Look Forward To" first in the UK via a promotion and distribution agreement with UK label Holier Than Thou and then in the US and internationally via a "to be named" distributor. We are extremely excited to be working with ClassX and know their great songs will have potent cross over appeal!


ClassX formed from former bands, some who have had national success from their music video achieving bubbling and light rotation status on Much Music and Much Loud. Together, they are Windsor’s premier rock band who while mastering their Regional and National appeal are ready to take on the International stage.

ClassX stays true to the notion that music is born from inspiration, and their willingness to experiment with and reach beyond the boundaries of “alternative rock” truly sets them apart from the pack. The core of their music is rock and roll, but it also incorporates musical elements stemming from genres such as indie pop, hip hop, and Motown.

ClassX's sound is characterized by front-man Josh Demers' raspy vocal tone, lead guitarist Amedeo Falconio's signature phrasing style, bassist Eric Hoffmann’s groovy bass lines, supportive rhythms by guitarist Matt Demers, and drummer Matt Evola’s animalistic drums.

ClassX are represented by Respectable Artist’s Management & Publishing Inc., and have also recently signed to UK rock label, Holier Than Thou Records, who are providing distribution and promotion in the UK for Respectable Artists' newly formed RESPECTABLE RECORDS. They have been featured as Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge’s Indie Band of the Week (July 2012), have had their music highlighted by the lifestyle brand Gongshow Gear’s Hockey Shacks video series and their mobile app “Saucer King”, as well as on the NHL Network.