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Abbie Huxley

In 2003, PLAY Entertainment announced that it had partnered with Abbie Huxley to release his indie-pop gem Pop[R.E.D.] to national radio. The album, which was written, performed, and produced by Huxley, reveals a multifaceted artist coming to grips with love, addiction and personal loss. With the candor of his lyrics, soaring beautiful melodies, and the haunting quality of his songs, Abbie Huxley is continually gaining fans in the States and abroad two ears at a time.

"The thing I dig is that somebody would feel something from listening to one of my songs. It's that simple-but it's easier said than done. I listen to music to put me in a certain mood, so to be able to do that for somebody else means everything to me as an artist and as a producer," says Huxley.

As well as writing all the songs, Huxley produced and performed everything on the album except for bass, which was played beautifully by Mark Beck. "It was more a budgeting decision than anything in there was no budget, so I was forced into it. I got to know all the guys at Roland tech support really well." Another factor influencing Pop[R.E.D.]'s production was the passing of Huxley's father from a rare inoperable cancer. Huxley says, "I didn't really get serious about recording until about a year after he died. I got horribly depressed and my drinking turned into a full-time occupation. I was just trying to make music for myself to escape to as much as anything. But self releasing an album forces you to pull yourself together and be productive."

Out of over 18,000 songs, three of Abbie's tracks from Pop[R.E.D.]have broken the Top Ten on's All-Time Alternative chart with both Quicksilver and Humble Pie going to #1 and Luvsik going to #9. Also, both Quicksilver and Humble Pie were distinguished as Tracks of the Week and Tracks of the Day. Huxley's reaction to all of this good news was, "It's important to me only because they base their charts on listener reviews." is an indie music site which boasts thirteen of its top ranking artists being signed to major labels and last year was named by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Websites. For more information, visit

"Pop[R.E.D.] could probably be categorized as an indie alt-pop record with emo influences, but unlike other albums that fall into this genre, Pop[R.E.D.] stretches past all the boundaries. This can sometimes be dangerous for an artist...[they] often go too far, and turn into more of a circus show. Abbie Huxley will challenge all the limits but keep integrity at the same time"-Mat Wisner, The Daily Grind

"Abbie Huxley's album, 'Pop[R.E.D.]', strikes a haunting and mournful chord...Huxley wails with about as much passion as one could possibly express...beautiful melodies with lyrics that will make you stop in your tracks..."-CD Baby

"It is a rare occurrence when an artist reaches out and takes the listener on a magnificent aural journey that completely satisfies the soul. Abbie Huxley is one of those rare individuals. Pop[R.E.D.] is nothing short of spectacular. It is almost impossible not to hit replay after each song."-Yer Mama's Guide to Internet Music

What if Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith spent a lost weekend making an album together? They did...inside the mind of Abbie Huxley.