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The Black Mollys

On one hand, The Black Mollys are good old fashioned American rock 'n'rollers with an abundant serving of unshakable hooks, remarkably contagious choruses and soaring harmonies. But dig a little deeper and the Chicago based trio's sound is simultaneously loaded with alternative rock elements of today,from charging power chords to high voltage percussion to just the right amount of attitude and unbridled confidence that still steers clear from pretentiousness.It's a carefully crafted brew that's been consistently refined on the road throughout the 2000s thus far, chiseled across tour dates supporting a wide swath of influential artists as diverse as Goo Goo Dolls, Cheap Trick, Gin Blossoms and David Lee Roth (just prior to his highly anticipated first reunion with Van Halen).

And on record, that chemistry continues to be apparent, starting with 2007's aptly titled The First One (High Def Records), which earned comparisons to the lauded likes of David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Queen and Butch Walker straight out of the gate. In 2008 (on the same label), the band's Ignorance Is Bliss built upon those substance- filled songs even further, backed by mastering at the Beatles' legendary Abbey Road Studios, and mixed under the veteran direction of Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Queen, Metallica and many more). Those ensuring sessions not only seamlessly merge vintage and contemporary explosions, but concurrently serve up the most relatable elements of heartland rock and artfully generated aggression.

As The Black Mollys load up the buses for a full-fledged tour of America, plus extensive runs through Europe and the rest of the world fans can expect the ultimate celebratory experience that breeds instantaneous sing-a-longs through tongue-in-cheek tunes like "Erica" and "Girlfriend" or the equally compelling pop culture references "I'm So Ordinary" and "Hollywood." It's indeed an ambitious formula that's thus far found fanfare across limitless demographics and culture lines, subsequently bringing an instant elixir to life's stresses, strains and seriousness with an unabashedly positive party.