Artist Development

$550 per month – 2 month minimum*
* Please contact us – arrangements can be made to work within your budget

Music Evaluation: Artist provides cd and lyric sheet or download link to their music and lyrics for evaluation, Respectable Artists provides written evaluation in regard to sound quality, marketability, lyric quality, performance, potential.

Performance Evaluation: Artist provides dvd containing performance from start to finish, name/location of venue, # of times/dates performed at that venue, names of headlining/opening artists…approximate total attendance. Respectable Artists will provide written evaluation

Goal Setting, action items, progress monitoring, marketing, media relations

Artist Development is probably the most important aspect of an artist’s career and it is what creates success, respect, and longevity for an artist. At one time, the normal discipline and opportunity given to artists upon signing a contract with a major record label, “artist development” has become all but extinct. Within the current decade, the music industry’s marketing trend has concentrated on developing “product” (the term the music industry uses to describe your songs, and all the emotion, love, creativity, and hard work that you put into creating them)…instead of developing “you” the artist that creates the “product”.

In the 60s & 70‘s, people like Brian Epstein took bands like The Beatles and “demonstrated” how to present themselves, how to look and act professionally…how to “perform…both on stage…and off” in such a way as to earn and retain the respect of the masses…not just within their inner circle of friends and family. The result for those artists is that many have been categorized as “Classic”, they became the musical icons that inspired many of us into careers in music. Many are still writing and selling songs that greatly effect people’s lives, performing their songs, and selling out concerts worldwide.

Many of these artists were “developed”. They were lovingly challenged and encouraged into gradually becoming better songwriters and performers. They developed and re-invented themselves, without sacrificing their own style and musical integrity, in order to survive through musical and cultural changes over periods of time. They were taught how to interact with people in both social and business situations…how to be confident, without being arrogant or cocky…how to be humble, without being self-demeaning…how to be respectful..and by so doing…earn respect! There are thousands of good musical artists in the world… What makes one artist never leave the basement/garage…and another artist internationally famous…and respected? ARTIST DEVELOPMENT.

At Respectable Artists Management & Publishing, we personally evaluate and work with each artist to identify strengths and weaknesses… We work with each artist to create a personalized action plan… Actions, have consequences or results… If what you have been “doing” professionally hasn’t gotten you the “results” you desire,
then you need to “change” what you’re doing…or how you’re doing it in order to see different results. Change can make us feel uncomfortable and growth can be…but doesn’t have to be painful. We want you to realize your potential, your dreams, your goals…both personal and professional… Your success is our success! We will teach you the skills you need, encourage you to use them, and celebrate your growth as a result of your efforts!

We also offer to assist in the coordination of your next music project by offering referrals to award winning producers and engineers, recording facilities, and even the “packaging” and marketing of your finished work. We offer A&R services and can coordinate cd reviews with music journalists and professionally “shop” your cd to major and indie record labels and publishers.