Boutique Music Licensing

Over the years, we have heard countless artists question why their record labels and personal management have not gotten their music more music licensing opportunities within the areas of advertising/film/television. It is somewhat apparent, that if an act is lower in stature within a major label’s roster hierarchy, they do not receive the same marketing push as artists that traditionally rank higher in sales…(seems somewhat backward doesn’t it?) Artists on smaller indie labels face the same frustration, because more often than not, these labels cannot afford extra staff to offer each of their artists the same level of marketing necessary to guarantee placement for all of their artists.

Upon hearing these cries of help, we decided to add the marketing and licensing of independent artists’ music for placement in advertising/film/and television to the list of services available from Respectable Artists Management and have changed our name to Respectable Artists Management & Publishing, Incorporated. We have also established “international” partnerships. In the area of music licensing, we have partnered with Altarboy Music Publishing ( in the United Kingdom.

Ninety percent (plus) of our music licensing catalogue has been produced and engineered by multi-platinum and Grammy award winning producers and engineers at world class recording studios….and all tracks are 100% CLEARED for use, registered with PROs via Respectable Artists Publishing (ASCAP) and Garden of Eaton (BMI)…with our international partners having the same protocol established with their local PROs. Artists are selected specifically according to their ability to create top quality tracks in multiple genres, that specifically adapt to use in film/television/advertising. Our artists have scored films, had their works used in national advertising campaigns, and also used in movie trailers, major network television and cable television programming. The majority of tracks have both instrumental and vocal versions immediately available for use. Interest and use of our catalogue is growing exponentially…both nationally and internationally. Our artists have also created specifically tailored “works for hire” to be used for our client’s needs. We are extremely flexible in all areas pertaining to film/television/advertising music licensing…always seeking to leave all parties feeling a strong sense of accomplishment and success.

Placements (past & present) from our artists include:

Feature Film “UNDEFEATED” produced by Spitfire Pictures currently playing major film festivals worldwide and distribution recently acquired by major US Production Company…soundtrack written and performed by Miles Nielsen & Dan Mc Mahon

MTV’s Nitro Circus
(500 Miles To Memphis “Sunshine In A Shotglass” Deep Elm Records) – multiple songs used in several Travis Pastrana extreme sports videos

20th Century Fox
(The Crash Moderns “Good Night Glamour,Good Morning Disaster” Intimacy Recordings “Pimp My Life”) Promo trailer for “The Rocker” starring Rainn Wilson, 2008

Major Network Radio (500 Miles To Memphis “Sunshine In A Shotglass” Deep Elm Records) – bumper between show programming

DEGRASSI: The Next Generation
(The Crash Moderns “Good Night Glamour, Good Morning Disaster” Intimacy Recordings “This Time”) – Valentine’s Day 2009 episode

COCA COLA (ClassX “Only Human” – add campaign in Europe.

CHEVROLET (The Crash Moderns “Good Night Glamour, Good Morning Disaster Intimacy Recordings “Pimp My Life”) Ad Campaign for the Silverado 2008