Media Relations

International Press Release Distribution: $525 (self written) $625 (RA prepared/submitted)

Press Release

Planning: $50.00

Follow-up: $500.00 per month

CD Reviews: 5 – $200

Show Review: ea $150

Customized PR Campaign: Including: Interview Prep/Planning, social marketing, media saturation,etc
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Media Relations…just one of the most important areas of an artist’s career. At Respectable Artist Management & Publishing, we coordinate personal interviews and draft press releases to coincide with an artist’s important events…i.e. cd releases, performance tours, significant placements in film and television,etc… We partner with companies that get your press into the hands of thousands of music journalists from your home town to the rest of the world. Most importantly, we prepare you for your interactions with the media in advance, in order to emphasize the significance of the subject matter, and to keep focused on the topic at hand that the artist needs to convey.

Words are powerful in their ability to elevate…or devastate an artist’s career! The ability to exhibit integrity…with charm and wit…go a long way in developing a positive reputation (don’t forget…it is both success and respect that we are all after here)… The more the media and those they inform respect you…the more positive opportunities will come your way! I’m sure John,Paul,George, & Ringo weren’t all that thrilled with the “suits” Brian Epstein had them wear…but their positive image helped bring their music…to the masses! They also learned the power of words the “hard way”…with John’s famous comparison to Jesus…

Words are extremely powerful…and when spoken, be it directly to…or simply whispered,near…the media…as previously stated, they have the power to elevate…or devastate…or, in John’s case…to be significantly misunderstood and taken out of context… Let us help you develop “strength” and “charisma”…when dealing with the media…