Testimonials and Partners

“I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff Eaton on a number of creative projects over the years!
His dedication to the Arts and Artists, is astounding. He brings a level of skill, creativeness and Professional Passion
that is rare in our business! With Geoff…what you see is what you get…and what you get, is the Heart, Soul and Mind of a man that will push you beyond your expectations”

John Brandon
Upper Room Productions

“Geoff is in it for the music, and the musicians who create it. he’s one of the good guys in an industry that seems to hold few. I am proud to say i know him.”

John D.
the apples in stereo (Yep Roc/Simian Records) / the deathray davies (IDOL Records) / I Love Math (Glurp/Summer Break Records)

Business Friends and Associates